Caramel Corn Subscription - 3 Month

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Love our caramel corn but hate leaving your house? We have the solution with our NEW subscription services! 

Here's how it works:

Step 1) Choose what you would like to receive each month from our pre-selected offerings. We will send you (2) large bags of caramel corn each month!
Step 2) Add to cart and checkout.
Step 3) Excitedly check your mailbox each day for a box from North Country Candy and Gifts.
Step 4) Open and Enjoy!

Have questions? Below are some of the most common ones we hear:

Q. Why are only certain flavors available each month?
A. Some products, such as our chocolates, tend to melt in the heat. In order to minimize shipping costs, we choose flavors that ship best during the given time of year and won't require additional packaging that would otherwise increase the costs. However, all flavors are available year-round and can be ordered through their respective product pages. 

Q. How do I renew my subscription?
A. We will send you a reminder in your final package to let you know it's the last one. Simply re-enter our website and order a new subscription to renew!

Q. Can I order more than 3 months at a time?
A. At this time we only offer 3 months subscriptions on our website. If you would like to reserve more than 3 months of deliveries, please call our store to make arrangements - (989) 354-8231

Q. Can I request a specific flavor to be delivered each month?
A. Absolutely! Please call our store to make arrangements and we will set up a custom subscription for you - (989) 354-8231